It's time to start building! Setting up a foundation base is the first step to completing your project.

​It’s important your Sawmill Structure sits on a sturdy foundation.  

When picking a spot to place your structure, choose a place that is less likely to collect water but still allows for a 3 foot clearance around the perimeter.  You will want to protect the structure from moisture that comes from the ground. A well draining location is alway a wise choice.

 Your structure can sit on uneven ground as long as you take the necessary steps to level the foundation. 

There are many types of foundations you can elect to use. You can choose to build our structures on an existing or new level platform such as a deck, patio, driveway, gravel base, concrete slab or pressure treated timbers on grade.



Our suggestion is for you to construct a very simple

2” x 6” pressure treated deck frame that sits on grade using deck blocks or patio stones to level the frame and elevate the wood off the ground. 

You can elaborate on this type of foundation base by using screw piles or poured concrete footings below the frost line if you prefer.

We have found that most of our structures do very well sitting on this type of

 2” x 6” pressure treated deck frame construction. You can always level the platform again with shims if it should shift over the course of time.



Creating the size of your foundation is up to you. You can add extra space around the structure to create a deck or you can view your models spec sheet to determine your exact structures footprint and create the foundation base to that size.

The image to the right is an example of a 2” x 6” pressure treated deck frame construction




  • Tape measure

  • Drill


  • 2x6 compressed wood

  • 19mm Screws  



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